About us

ZARMANI TOURS offers very special holidays in this gentle land, each one tailor made to suite your specific needs and interests. Our guides will express in every action and at every site and at every ceremony their deep appreciation and understanding of their country, and make you feel like it is their home too. Clients come back time and time again, to feel the tranquility and tremendous sense of identity the Myanmar peoples impart on all who visit them. Our holidays are not just a matter of stepping back in time, they are also spiritual journeys and good for the soul.

Formed in 1997, Zarmani is a private company owned by some of the most knowledgeable guides in Myanmar. Through their depth of experience and understanding of the country, clients are led on enchanted journeys on highland lakes to see wonderful floating gardens, up rugged mountains into remote hilltribe villages, through tropical forest on the back of an elephant, and into inland deserts adorned with pagodas, ancient monasteries and to sail on the serene waters of the Ayeyarwaddy River.

At Zarmani we also understand that cultural and environmental impact of travel is significant in today’s world, and so organise tours thoughtfully to maximize client experience, and at the same time leave the people who become so a part of lives, happy and content and largely unaffected by our passing. We also draw great pleasure organizing tours focused on social welfare and responsibility for handicapped persons, orphans, Theravada meditation, and those interested in traditional arts including Myanmar dance.

Seeing is believing, but even in such a magnificent and diverse country it makes a big difference to experience it in the hands of a small company of guides dedicated to you and the enjoyment of your holiday. In the end we hope to have participated in a great life experience, and always look forward to your many happy returns to bask in the charm of Myanmar’s serene and smiling people.

Myanmar is a magical land of shimmering blue mountains, glittering pagodas and golden green rice paddy. A land where elephants pull great teak logs, and bullocks work the fields. The air is filled with the scent of jasmine and the soothing tones of temple bells.

Come to the Golden Land. Where from forested mountains through exquisite highland lakes to the dry and dusty floodplain of the Ayeyarwaddy River, red robed monks and a serene smiling people will enchant you with their grace and hospitality.

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