Information: Health and Security

A top priority to us, and essential to your enjoyment, is of course the health and security of you and your party, and this is our main concern. Great care is taken to ensure that your holiday is designed with these factors in mind, so that wherever you may be, and whatever you are doing, you will be taken care of in every respect.


It is advisable to consult your personal physician in advance of your departure to review pertinent health precautions that may be necessary such as vaccinations and medications etc. It is also vital that we are informed of any health conditions that could affect the nature of your itinerary design.

Drinking water

Bottled water is perfectly safe in both hotels and any restaurants we may use. All fresh fruits and vegetables in hotels and the restaurants we choose, are meticulously washed and sterilized with bottled water, so that you can enjoy the tropical profusion Myanmar has to offer without concern.

Medical Evacuation Service

It is recommended at all clients have their own Medical Evacuation Insurance. In the event of a medical emergency evacuation from the countryside to one of Yangon’s hospitals we will call on the services of AEA who have an international doctor in Yangon. Serious cases have the option of further evacuation to Singapore or Europe in a specially modified jet Ambulance Hospital aircraft depending on the level of each clients personal Medical Evacuation Insurance.


Visitors to Myanmar require no inoculations.


Large parts of Myanmar are malaria free, but there are areas that do have malaria. Those of us who live in Myanmar cope with the threat of Malaria easily without the use of drugs, simply by applying homeopathic insect repellent in order to avoid being bitten, taking Garlic and Vitamin B tablets and wearing long sleeved shirts, long trousers and socks at night. However, for those visiting SE Asia only briefly it is wise and recommended that you consult your doctor regarding a malarial prophylactic. There are many different prophylactic choices. Malarone is our prophylactic of choice.


It is advisable to bring plenty of your favorite sunscreen with you, since the proximity of the Equator makes the Myanmar sun very strong, even under cloudy conditions.

Contact Lenses

Contact lens wearers are advised to bring with them their preferred eye drops and also replacement glasses which can be worn when dusty conditions may irritate eyes. Wrap around sunglasses tend to provide the best protection against both dust and glare.


It is a good idea to make copies of your Passports and record details of your Credit Cards and other valuable documents as a precaution against possible loss. Common sense precautions such as you would automatically take in any major city apply such as keeping a close watch on handbags, purses, wallets, etc. There is much poverty in Asia so it is wise not to flaunt affluence by wearing expensive jewellery or leaving valuables lying around unattended.

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