Locations: Ngwesaung Beach

At the edge of the Rakhine mountain range, the Ngwe Saung beach and its drowsy fishing village has been lying by the Bay of Bengal graciously and quietly for centuries. It lies just a 5 hours drive west of Yangon through the maze of streams and creeks in the healthy paddy field carpet. The villagers of the Ngwe Saung beach had never expected to have luxury bungalows besides their rustic huts, as they had never dreamed of running a restaurant or a souvenir shop. In the same way, no tourists have ever suspected the existence of this hidden paradise. However, very recently the modern hotels with fully amenities, but which blend into the nature, have appeared along the beach, just beside the village. The villagers have rapidly opened very simple but clean, fresh, delicious and friendly seafood restaurants.

Swaying coconut palms offer the village a thick blanket of green. The silver sand bank stretches out for miles with mountain range as backdrop. Brilliant sunshine glazes the swelling surface of the sea while the sea and the sky compete in their beauty of crystal blue. The white crested waves run back and forth as if greeting and welcoming all visitors. A melodious fresh breeze caresses everything it passes by. The swallows fly round and round to hunt their prey by singing while the sparrows twitter and titter. Hundreds of reddish crabs run in a flurry while the hermit crabs leave their tracks on the wet sand bank of the beach.


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