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Most travellers who come to Myanmar cannot help themselves, but to hand out something to the kids they encounter along the way. Out of compassion, some tourists give candy, some give pens and pencils, and some give small money. These gifts are gradually eroding our culture. And the impact becomes serious. The kids still seem as sweet as can be. But these gifts can turn an innocent kid into a greedy kid. These gifts change friendly eyes into wild expecting eyes. One can easily notice the difference between the children from the tourist destinations, and other areas.

In many areas of Myanmar conditions are harsh, and parents have to work very hard to provide for their children. Many of these parents are not always home, or do not always have the strength, to stop their children from asking for money from tourists.

In one famous tourist site, the children do not go to school, instead they go to the pier to meet the tourist boats coming from Mandalay. It is easy money - they greet tourists in a few words of their own language, sing a song, and walk along with them. Begging from tourists has become their profession. The children themselves do not realize that when they grow up, tourists will no longer find them sweet. That’s when the giving stops. Unhappiness and discontent take root, and turn beautiful young children into insolent adolescents.

This impacts severely our beautiful culture and centuries old traditions. The parents of the current generation of children in Myanmar faced their difficulties with huge smiles and generous hearts. Nothing was expected in return where hard work and respect for elders where the corner stones on society.

In order to sustain our beautiful culture we request our clients not to hand out anything directly to the children in the streets. Instead we give to their parents, or we go to the school and give to their teachers. Of course we make sure of that the children always get what we give.

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