Locations: Shwedagon Pagoda

Shwedagon PagodaShwedagon Pagoda is visible from most of the city of Yangon and is the country’s most important religious shrine. It is said that the pagoda’s main stupa stands at the very center of the universe and it is high; dominating the city. A place of great peace and tranquility. The main stupa gilded from base to spire, carries more than 60 tons of gold plate and rises elegantly 326 vertical feet above its marbled platform. A golden umbrella at the top is hung with gold and silver bells that tinkle in the breeze, and its weather vane is decorated with 1000’s of rubies, diamonds and other perfect gems. The pagoda’s origins are shrouded in legend and it may have been started as early as during the era of the Gautama Buddha. In the massive gilded stupa are enshrined 8 hair relics of Gautama and 3 other relics of previous Buddhas, from whence the pagoda derives its spiritual power. Certainly it was well established by the 11th century when King Anawratha of Bagan paid homage there. The present form was shaped under the direction of Queen Shinsawpu and her successor King Dhammazedi in the 15th century. Today in addition to its religious purpose, the platform serves as a meeting place and center for social interaction. Students read books, families play and chat while others sit on the sun warmed tiles and soak up the atmosphere.


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