Locations: Yangon

YangonMyanmar’s capital and home to 4 million people was developed primarily while the country was under British rule. Although a few tall buildings are now rising, the city’s skyline is little changed from the days of the British Raj. Wide tree-lined boulevards, geometrically aligned streets and magnificent colonial buildings lend an old world charm. Yangon has been a thriving port since the 19th century, and the city’s streets bustle with activity where noisy street vendors, rickshaws and colourful 1950’s Chevrolet buses mix with modern day traffic. It’s people are derived of every culture in the land and the city is adorned with their religious monuments – glittering Buddhist Pagodas, brightly colored Chinese and Hindu temples, red brick churches, and white-washed mosques. Bright and colourful festivals go year round too – Chinese New year, Hindu Fire-walking Festivals, Water Festival and other Myanmar traditional ceremonies all taking place on dates set by the lunar calendar. The people of the city still adhere to long established traditions; all wear sarongs and sandals and believe that a girl with long black hair wearing traditional makeup is the most beautiful and glorious site to see.


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